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Published: September 29, 2023

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You should use them if you want to enhance your website’s search engine ranking. Step 6: To check potentially damaging links for any website, you can take a look at the “Spam Score” tab. If you want the full value from backlinks pointing to your website, it is important that nothing is blocking the transfer of the value. You have to reach out to them, create content, and get them to accept it. Pretty much every backlink checker has a “Best by Links” feature that shows you pages on a website with the most backlinks. Content marketing and influencer outreach for agencies. Forbes Advisor’s pick for the best local SEO tool is BrightLocal. Backlink monitoring turns out essential, when you are launching a new website, onboards its expansive link building efforts with their SEO team. Our free backlink checker will flag lower quality or spam sites that link to yours and mark the links as “risky. For example, the website editor where your guest post was published may have inadvertently replaced the anchor text of your backlink with an unsuitable one. You still need to monitor backlinks from these campaigns and ensure they’re as they should be. Content Planning Approach — predicting needs in certain verticals. Keyword insights: This feature shows the keyword that is being searched for most frequently on the Google search engine, which will help you in finding out what people are looking for online.

3 Guilt Free backlink monitoring tools Tips

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Old school SEO was about backlink quantity, but now we’re in a place where it’s more about the quality and relevance. For instance, I have added one competitor as of now. Not only for backlinks, but you can also use Link explorer by Moz for;. Reviewing the linking URL will help you spot many potentially spammy links and eliminate them before they cause any problems to your search visibility. Monitor your link building strategy implementation. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a subscription to Ahrefs. There are agencies that can help you get backlinks for a fee. To avoid this, keep all your content up to date and ensure you’re securing links from relevant pages. The metric used for SEMRush is the domain’s Page Authority PA.

3 Kinds Of backlink monitoring tools: Which One Will Make The Most Money?

Advanced Link Filtering

1 million pages per minute, meaning you can see lost, new and broken backlinks almost immediately. With over 40 trillion links in its database, Link Explorer provides comprehensive and accurate data https://realdeal-law.com/2023/09/27/why-backlink-monitoring-tools-doesnt-workfor-everyone/ on backlinks, anchor texts, and linking domains. Before replying, you can view an influencer’s profile and even react with social signals right from the tool. © 2023, by SEO Review Tools. Building Backlinks the Right Way with SEO PowerSuite. Note that Ahrefs is a paid service. Like most competing backlink analysis tools, Linkody allows you to discover new and lost backlinks, in addition to useful metrics to refine your backlink strategy. The Enterprise edition, which costs $299 a year, is ideal for SEO experts and companies. The available options are many. I’m an SEO enthusiast and blogger.

The 9 Best Backlink Monitoring Tools

That’s because you should put ample attention into customer commentary on the Internet regardless of whether it’s flattering or critical. As an SEO marketer with over 25 years of experience, I have used several free and paid backlink analysis tools. Here’s a little bit more on how to find unlinked mentions. SE Ranking is a much simpler tool than Ahrefs or Semrush, but it can be equally helpful for backlink monitoring. You still need to monitor backlinks from these campaigns and ensure they’re as they should be. This can help you to determine the overall health of your backlink profile and make sure you’ve got the right balance of branded, exact match, and partial match anchor text. This backlink monitor amalgamates all the necessary features for tracking your backlinks on a single dashboard. Another important tool for SEO is Semrush. This enables you to identify any potential disparities and uncover the strategies they may be employing that differ from your own. They offer features like keyword research, topic generation, and content optimization suggestions, helping content creators to target the right audience and improve on page SEO.

How to increase the effect of link promotion of your website and monitor it, what tool to use

The metric used for SEMRush is the domain’s Page Authority PA. You need a backlink monitor to keep track of the state of each backlink. Use this to discover potentially damaging links and then disavow them. The tool provides data driven recommendations to help you create high quality, relevant content that resonates with your target audience. This will help you both to keep a close eye on your competitors and to make up for their shortcomings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your SEO game. As an enterprise level tool, it might be a bit overwhelming for newer SEOs. It also provides reports, including information about domains linking to you and your competitors. With a single dashboard, you can get an overview of your entire link profile, instantly identifying your website’s linking history. You must be logged in to post a comment. Reading Time: 31 mins. Therefore, you get an extensive overview of the websites linking to you.

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Semrush online marketing tools to monitor SEO performance. First of all, you have to access this backlink generator by visiting. Besides analyzing anchor texts, you can also avoid penalties by disavowing suspicious links from the Ahrefs’ dashboard. If you’re still unsure about what to choose, I encourage you to reach out to their team and talk through your options. Call or email our payments team. If you use Ahrefs or Screaming Frog, for instance, they both have broken link checkers for monitoring changes to your website’s backlinks so you can take proactive action. Which is why a backlink checker tool is a must have in your SEO toolkit. It offers valuable insights into your backlinks, including the number of referring domains, anchor text, and geographic location of the linking websites. This was beautiful Admin. If you’re new to SEO, Ahrefs offers a comprehensive library of free resources and learning materials. While GrowthBar is primarily marketed as a content writing tool, it offers competitor analysis capabilities as well. With a team of 70+ people, our link building agency has over 5 years experience building backlinks for SEO, working with hundreds of clients to grow their websites with SEO. Moreover, SearchMetrics also have competitor analysis tools and an advanced capability to monitor SERP placement performance vis a vis sales data. Back then, its database was pretty small but in recent years, the company has refocused its efforts and expanded it significantly.

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CEO/Founder @ Attrock Gaurav Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Attrock, a results driven digital marketing company. Get blogs, industry insights + more delivered weekly. Backlink monitoring is one of the most important parts of link building and SEO strategy, and as a webmaster, it’s important for us to keep track of our backlinks. Check the Referring domains report to see every linking domain, along with useful SEO metrics. These sites are great ones to target for building links. That’s great, but you mustn’t stop there. Find the sources of backlinks to a particular domain or URL with Referring IPs, Domains, and Subnets. You can use backlink analysis tools to understand your competitors’ link building strategies. Opportunities for new links are visible when you research competitors’ portfolios.

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This Moz metric analyzes your backlink profile and gives it a quality rating based on how spammy the sites are that link to you. As you can see in the following graph, there is a strong correlation between backlinks and increased organic traffic. Thanks to such polished features to complement your link building efforts, you will always be one step ahead of the competition. An anchor text pie chart will also show you the most popular anchor texts used to link to your site vital information for understanding how other sites are linking to yours. Its specialized tool, LinkMiner, serves as a dedicated backlink checker, allowing you to monitor your own backlinks as well as those of your competitors. By tapping into the insights provided by SEO tools, social media strategies can be significantly enhanced.

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Here are some really good and effective tools that you can use to check the quality of backlinks. Link Explorer lets you see the total number of backlinks pointing to your website and the domain authority and anchor text of each backlink. This free tool packs a lot into one report, and though you can’t download your results, you can manually track number of linking domains, number of no follow links, and commonly used anchor text — whatever data is most important to you — on a weekly basis in your own spreadsheet. And in many ways, traffic and rankings are a more accurate way to figure out whether or not Google considers a site as authoritative. With their broken backlink checker, you can find external backlinks that point to pages that no longer exist. SEO companies in New York City. The tool is free, but you’ll need to create an account to get a complete report. To join a group dedicated to Majestic, featuring news of tool enhancements, case studies and tutorials, check out the Majestic Community. The Link Intersect feature is one of our favorites and really helps with link building. And this article will highlight some of our favorites. Utilizing this feature ensures you keep all the links you have paid for and also gives you the chance to reach out to the webmaster who has deleted your link and find out why. Not all of them are created equal, and search engines like Google consider their quality and relevance when determining a website’s ranking. A business that is serious about their online presence should invest in Semrush. So, this probably explains the changes you see in the report.

Monitor Backlinks

It provides valuable insights into the link profile of any website and can help you to improve your own link building efforts. SEMRush is an incredible tool for the purpose of backlink checking. Thanks for choosing to leave a comment. Its pricing is affordable and suitable for occasional batch analysis needs. Know how you’re ranking on Google for valuable keywords. It’s important to note that while these techniques can make it more difficult for backlink checker tools to detect certain links, they may still be discoverable through other means. Leveraging the right local SEO tools provides the opportunity to connect with consumers who are actively searching for local products, services and information.


Link Context is exclusive to Majestic, and gives you an entirely new way to discover and audit backlinks. Thanks to LRT, a clear backlink analysis can be carried out very easily. You may find it useful in helping you to identify which pages get the most inbound links to optimize your content strategy. The keyword information tools are certainly not accurate but if you’re on a tight budget, this is a fast, easy to use option for checking anchor text, new and lost referring domains, and other quality metrics. 2023 Solvi and Heirs LTD Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Cookies Policy Sitemap GDPR Your Right To Be Forgotten. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand alone materials. We’ve included dedicated software designed for tracking links, plus general SEO tools with backlink management functionality. Nubera eBusiness uses its own and third party cookies. Add new links to your monitoring tool and make sure nobody does the same to you. Read more about SE Ranking. Blogger outreach software for backlink campaign management, has anchor text planner, backlink monitoring, rank tracker.

Key Features

Backlink anchor text — Analyze anchor texts to see how your competitors optimize their backlink profiles. With Moz, you can easily find out where they get theirs and create an SEO campaign based on what works for them. Check the performance of your competitors, discover new backlinks, and find valuable ranking opportunities including insights from Semrush Authority Score metric. Backlinks refer to any incoming or inbound links to your website that come from another website. I recommend this tool to anyone who wants a more in depth analysis of their website backlinks. It offers a variety of subscription plans, from the Lite plan at $25 per month to the customizable option starting at $150. Here are ten great tools that can help improve SEO rankings. As an added bonus, the SEO Content Template tool lets you automatically create a content brief and optimize content as you write by grading your content in real time for readability, originality, tone of voice, and SEO: it uses a handy bullseye graphic to help you strike the right balance. And finally, the distribution of IPs and domains. This plan gives you access to their customer intelligence tools. My overall impression of RankTracker is quite obvious it’s really good.

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However, there’s a secret answer to the burning question of “how does backlink monitoring work. A broken link can be detrimental in multiple ways. To track backlinks, all you need to do is navigate to the “Backlink Analytics” section from your profile dashboard on SEMrush and put in a domain name to flush out the complete list of backlinks associated with the domain. Now you can keep track of the links you build. You can then check more information about the campaigns in the dashboard. Inbound links are the main for ranking in search engine optimization.

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NerdWallet’s web page on finding the best credit cards with metrics like word count, clicks, and SEO value. SEO Review Tools for Chrome is a Free extension which allows you to quickly check the URL you’re visiting, with one of our 67 SEO tools. Check out our list of companies in the following areas. You can decide to weed out the low quality sites while concentrating on the credible ones. Therefore, you will sort out already indexed links. Even better, if your business experiences a rankings drop on Google, we’ll let you know what page on your website was affected and what changed so you can fix it. CEO Plerdy — expert in SEOandCRO with over 11 years of experience. A modern automated SEO checker like Diib will automatically scan your website and data daily. How to use Link Prospector. Image via LinkChecker. The Linked domains report shows SEO metrics for every outbound linked domain. All your backlinks are gathered in a stylish spreadsheet where you can check the most important factors. Unfortunately, their rating is not always very accurate.


In the context of Search Engine Optimization SEO, backlinks are important because they can help improve a website’s search engine ranking, visibility, and authority. Internal server error. You can add as many URLs as you want, then use the drop down menu under “Site Info” to choose a specific timeframe for which you’d like to see data. For instance, you could create a list of lost backlinks that you want to concentrate on recovering. Standard Plan: $99/month or $79/month billed annually. Blogger outreach, link building and guest posting for SEO agencies. Its pricing starts at $99/month or $79/month if you pay annually. This composite measure shows you your domain’s overall visibility in Google across thousands of keywords. Fill out the form below to request a detailed report. If you are in need of an effective, resourceful, and creative SEO dream team, there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice on how to manage an SEO team from the very beginning. You go on and see the information on each backlink individually: the domain rank of various resources and tracking search traffic on the page, the response code of the scanned page, the number of donors referred to the service semrash, whether the backlink is indexed by google, the number of anchors on the page, the presence of backlink such as tier 2 on the page and the indexing capability. Check the performance of your competitors, discover new backlinks, and find valuable ranking opportunities including insights from Semrush Authority Score metric. Hunter operates in accordance with GDPR, and integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Pipedrive.


The program tracks and manages backlinks constantly, anytime during the day. Backlink Watch gives you a list of your site’s backlinks. Additionally, SE Ranking offers a discount if you choose to pay annually rather than monthly. With advanced knowledge of SEO and backlinks, you can greatly enhance your business. Image via LinkChecker. This tool is completely dedicated to monitoring inbound links and keyword rankings, so you will always be aware of your backlink numbers, a comprehensive report on all current backlinks, and your domain score. Try Traxr for free, and let us convince you that our system gives you all the necessary information to manage your backlinks efficiently. Manage them efficiently with useful tags, filters, notes, and import/export. That’s why SEO is an essential part of our company. Schedule site audits and specify how often you want Ahrefs to crawl your site every day, every week, once a month. Batch analysis can help you achieve this goal, giving you SEO data that can then be used to identify new possibilities for backlink building. Well, backlinks work the same way – except for search engines. Step 5: Take a look at the list of backlinks and analyze them.


HubSpot Marketing Hub is an agency tool that offers a wide range of features, including content creation, publishing, and analytics. Moreover, SE Ranking’s Backlink Checker tracks all key metrics including anchor text, text and image, target URLs, user generated content, and sponsored content. While many marketers are looking for social media specific tools to help them with these and many other tasks, most don’t realize that often your SEO team can help you by sharing insight that they can gather from their SEO tools. They are often used when a homepage is relaunched, or if a subpage is removed and replaced with another one with a different URL. Watch this Step By Step tutorial. You can set up the Rank Tracker to follow your most important keywords and check the backlink profile of each one.

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So you can make productivity content a big part of your content strategy. How do I check the dofollow backlink for my site. Change or cancel your plan at any time. The backlink data and all related metrics are updated monthly. Mailshake also has pre made templates for diverse link building campaigns, such as link requests, guest posting, PR pitches, broken link building, content promotion, and more. You can increase the traffic to your site and reach more users. In general popular websites get indexed faster than smaller / less popular websites. As an all in one tool, it also comes with plenty of other features. Negative SEO competitors attacking your site’s SEO by sending spammy backlinks is real. Google’s very own Search Console previously Webmaster Tools provides an easy and free way to download all the latest backlinks to your website. So you have time to focus on other things while the system integrates all of your social media accounts and SEO efforts, taking care of everything at once.

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